Aligning With Anna

It is my honor, my mission and my purpose to hold space; to assist you in releasing pain; to help you gain wisdom from all patterns of suffering, so you could discover what love is, so you could experience what peace is, so you could infuse yourself and all areas of your existence with the blend of these two powerful, spiritual agents.

Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my energy healing website.

This website is dedicated to people out there who are searching for solutions to resolve their health problems in order to manifest their desire of living a joyful and meaningful life. Since it has been proven scientifically that humans are electromagnetic beings, one of the methods to restore our health and to reach maximum vitality is by using energy healing.

Ever since I can remember energy work has been an important part of my existence. As a little girl I could see energy in a shape of a colorful sphere surrounding each individual. I quickly realized that a particular pattern of lights corresponded to a variety of emotions. Back then the unusual phenomenon used to either frighten me or evoke a sense of comfort. With years I learned to discern the feelings and was able to assign them unique meanings.

My countryside upbringing has offered a lot of benefits. However, as a highly sensitive child with comprehension of emotional complexities I embarked on a journey to understand my identity and its purpose.

Through innumerable observations and supernatural experiences I slowly came to realize the distinctive nature of my existence. I happen to register a continual pattern of energy exchange every time I come in contact with somebody who needs a burst of vitality. I get a clear reading on the person’s state of health and well-being followed by a sudden surge of energy being transferred to the individual.

Such reoccurrences made me recognize that I am a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms assisting people on this planet. I have the ability to connect with the energy emanating from another human being and have access to the knowledge about weakened or unbalanced vital points within the body. If there are any blockages I can pinpoint them as if they were in my own body and effectively remove them, thus restoring the energetic body to its primal state.

Apart from my innate abilities I would like to mention that during the healing performance I am supported by the divine presence which intuitively guides me throughout the entire procedure.

My work is inspired by unconditional love, compassion and integrity; values which are inseparable components of my life philosophy. This indescribable sensation of being able to help people has always been keeping me company. This frequent and reassuring desire finally materialized itself in a form of fascinating magic that serves by contributing to the progression of peace and kindness among human race. In order to achieve that, first we need to discover those building blocks within ourselves.  My energy healing sessions facilitate personal growth through self-realization that we are responsible for our own lives by being active creators of our destinies. I am here to usher in infinite spiritual, physical and emotional wealth.

Regain Control Over Your Life and Improve Your Health