Regain Control Over Your Life and Improve Your Health

Energy Healing (50 minutes -$100)

The energy healing sessions are guided by Divine Awareness that lovingly assist you in the releasing of any emotional, subconscious or even conscious blockages that obstruct you from reaching wisdom, peace and flow which you would like to achieve in any area of your journey.
The intelligence behind the energy follows the order which is the most beneficial for the totality of your existence and healing. Each session is designed for your specific needs with the purpose of expanding awareness so you could release, heal and learn from your wounds. The divine provides safe space in the form of unconditional love and peace that allows the transmutation to take place.

Energy Reading (50 minutes -$100)

Energy readings are similarly conducted. The Spirit provides the visions which are meant to be healing and enlightening. It is highly recommended to have an open and understanding heart, because the sessions are designed with the purpose of providing important information and lessons. A proper cooperation is required as well as complete trust that the messages are meant to reveal the truth and supply you with significant guidance.

Phone or Video Sessions

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