I was born and raised in Poland. Given the fact that my parents were both farmers, I grew up in a home set in the countryside where simple life was progressing according to the rhythms of nature. From a very young age I felt interestingly connected to the serenity of the natural world which brought to my heart a sense of peaceful balance and ease.

Through various experiences during my childhood I came to the realization that I always felt compassion and appreciation towards everybody. I prayed for peace between humans. I found that it was vital for me to maintain harmonious relationships with people.

Being a clear channel I often sensed profound events before they have unfolded which left me startled and confused. As a result I always turned to God for consolation. As years went by, my spiritual connection became stronger. My pure intentions were manifesting themselves. I was often puzzled by a clear pattern of synchronistic events that would result in postive transformations of people that came in contact with me.

I was a person with powerful influence. I was helping, guiding people to achieve their goals and putting them at ease with themselves and others. The right words of consolation and inspiration would come to me with such ease as if channeled by a higher consciousness, curing hurtful and troublesome moments in life.

I had plans of going to a prominent university in Cracow, Poland. However, due to divine intervention, a perplexing illness befell me on my way to Cracow. Luckily, a mysterious woman came to my rescue. To my great amazement, she performed healing on me with water and prayer.

I felt somebody’s presence around me. The feeling which enveloped my entire existence was of such a powerful loving intensity. Its might transported me to an energetic realm abundant with colorful lights and a presence of benign beings uplifting my spirit. A while after I came back to my body, I was healed. I realized the power of the divine and in that very moment I was completely transformed.

That miraculous incident changed my life forever. Little did I know, it was only a beginning of a series of supernatural events that were about to unfold.

I surrendered to the divine will which brought me to America. Coming from a little village and being surrounded by so many cultures, reassured me of equality and value of every single individual. My heart was filled with unconditional love for people from all races and walks of life.

Despite being thousands of miles away from my homeland, struggling to communicate with people in America my energetic signatures always seemed to attract people who kept saying the same thing. For unknown to them reasons they would start to feel better as soon as they came close to me. They confronted me with this strange phenomenon and said that they never experienced anything similar to it before.

I believe that being in America has allowed me to meet many spiritual people on my path. A noteworthy example would be a powerful healer from my homeland, Poland – Longin Krawczyk, who told me more than once that I have a great gift of healing that I need to share with the world. His message was reaffirmed by a supernatural occurrence that woke me up one night. When I opened my eyes I noticed beams of light emanating from my hands for at least a couple of minutes and felt as if God’s presence has filled my body.

Within the next few weeks I was intuitively guided to perform healing on my closest friends and relatives. To our great surprise, their experiences were profound. I could literally sense the healing energy being transferred to the bodies of people I was treating. Soon after I was compelled and I found the strength and courage to alleviate random people’s stress and headaches. With the help of my good friend I decided to go public with my healing abilities. From that moment on I have helped countless people in need of healing and guidance.

I am extremely grateful to have met so many beautiful souls who have helped me embark on this journey as an energy healer.