Upcoming Events

The events take place at:

82 PARK AVENUE, APT 2, RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY ( to sign up  please call 347-267-7224), $30

1) Transformational Healing 

  Tuesday, February 7th 2017 7pm- 9pm

During the workshop you will experience a flow of high frequency vibrations in your body, mind and soul. You will experience healing and activation of psychic gifts. Instead of letting your life pass you by, get awakened to abundant experiences and discover the power of your connection to the Source that will guide you to a fulfilling and harmonious life.

Give your body, mind and spirit a trip directly to the source of divine love and healing as your worries and unwanted emotions are transformed into clarity and bliss. During and after the healing session you will feel an immense surge of energy circulating within your body, working its magic.

The treatments will be conducted by Anna, a natural energy healer who has successfully treated numerous people with various conditions. Anna is a clear channel for divine healing energy. As her gift developed early in her childhood, she is capable of detecting and removing blockages in the energetic and physical body. Because of her clairvoyance and empathy she has an innate understanding of people’s problems and repressed emotions. Through her extraordinary gift, Anna has been instrumental in restoring the faith and health of many people suffering from acute and chronic illnesses as well as those recovering from surgery and/or chemotherapy. Anna has been officially endorsed by the world renown healer, Malcolm Smith.