I have had telephone sessions with Anna on a weekly basis for several months in order to removing blocks, heal physical issues and stimulate personal spiritual growth. Each week has brought new revelations about myself and my ability to handle life. I have a very stressful, all-consuming job and was always stressed and unhappy. I now feel as if layers have been peeled away and my true self slowly revealed. I approach life so much calmer. The things that bothered me so much before seem insignificant now. I work in the same job with the same people but feel as if I am encased in a calm bubble of protection. My psychic abilities, something I have wanted to cultivate for years but been too tired and anxious to start, have become more developed. Late in an evening after what had seemed like a relatively quiet telephonic session with Anna where she had worked on my third eye chakra, I watched in interest as curtains moved and swayed around a closed window. In fact, all the windows in the house were closed but the air was rippling. Every step I take, every move I make seems to move me towards more enlightenment. I don’t know if I would ever have gotten this far in my development without Anna. I intent to continue this personal growth with Anna as my guide. She has brought an almost indescribable knowing into my life.

-CJ, New York City, April,2015

When Anna said during the first workshop that I attended that she would help us experience the angelic realms, I accepted this declaration with open-minded skepticism like the engineer that I am, not quite yet willing to cast away all those years of traditional scientific training. True to her words though, I suddenly felt myself relieved of my sore throat upon receiving her divine touch. I was convinced to investigate further by attending her classes. Engineers have a perpetual need to break things in order to learn how things work and Anna has taught me that life is no different. The power to reach the divine realms is within all of us if we are willing break down our inner walls to free our hearts. Anna’s classes have spurned an accelerated learning about spirituality that I never knew was within me because she offers a powerful gift of insight that one cannot find in books alone—EXPERIENCE. With an open heart and an open mind, I now believe miracles are within the realms of everyday possibilities.

-Jo, NYC, 2014

Anna has an amazing gift in her hands. Her energy helped me  fight my alcohol and depression problems. After each meeting with Anna I feel rejuvenated.

-Victor E., Brooklyn, NY, 2014

I came to see Anna after reading a testimonial on her website. Someone had mentioned how she helped him feel love again. I was getting over a breakup at the time and I too was questioning my ability to feel love. After my first session with Anna we both felt a release in my heart and I felt like feelings and energy started to flow again. I guess I subconsciously close up my heart as a defense mechanism due to the many losses I’ve experienced throughout my life. I continued to attend Anna’s healing sessions and classes—each time with more trust and openness. I often left feeling like I was in a state of grace—goosebumps and all!

It was around my 5th time seeing Anna, in her Eliminate Unwanted Stress and Heal Repressed Emotions class, when we were meditating on the chakras. As we got up to the 6th chakra, I had (what I later learned) connected to source through my third eye. It was AMAZING!!! It felt like a liquid or current of bliss or divine love was being poured into my body. It was overwhelming—pure joy! It brought tears to my eyes.

After that everything just kept getting better and better. My awareness and consciousness got higher. It actually got to the point of (from what I’m told) of enlightenment. Through my own self practice and Anna’s healing and guidance, I was able to activate all of my chakras and reach a state of higher consciousness and bliss for about 10 days straight. I was completely present and in tune with source and everything and everyone around me. It’s difficult to describe the state of bliss, clarity and peace I experienced. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if everybody felt that way. Thank you Anna.

-Paul, Floral Park, NY, 2014

Anna truly has a divine touch. When I’m in her presence, I honestly feel like I’m with an angel. She lifts the energies of all around her. The sessions she’s done for me have brought me healing on many levels, including past lives. Her sensitivity to subtle energies guides her to address and clear the traumas that are at the root of my physical and emotional issues.I’ve had many experiences during energy healing or bodywork where wounds from other lifetimes have come my awareness to be cleared. Yet in two of my sessions with Anna, she was able to bring up issues from past lives I didn’t know anything about where I experienced horrible traumas. As she worked on clearing the negative energies from my body where I held these traumas, she received impressions about them that were very similar to my own. With her help, I was able to understand the reasons I had suffered in those lifetimes, the lessons I was meant to learn, and to make great progress in healing those deep wounds. Even when specific past life issues didn’t come up, I’ve left her sessions feeling much lighter, more peaceful and secure in my connection to the divine.For all these reasons, I encouraged Anna to offer her divine healing touch at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E./N.Y.C. Center. I’m sure Mr. Cayce approves.

–Sylvia Chappell, New York City, October, 2012

Years of working long hours on the computer as a computer programmer have taken a toll on my entire body. I started suffering from eye problems, back pains, headaches, constant fatigue and even developed allergies and digestive problems for which no medical professional had any working solution. Surely, I have been prescribed a number of medication which seemed to provide a temporary relief but in reality were only masking the symptoms. Having lost hope in the effectiveness of standard medicine in treating my ailments, I decided to give other alternative methods a try after a friend of mine referred me to a chiropractor. Even though I enjoyed each session and believed in its effectiveness, months of continuous treatment have shown minimal change in my overall health. The positive effects of the chiropractic treatment seemed to wear off a mere couple hours after each session. I realized that I needed to find a miraculous cure as my health kept on deteriorating. I started to eat organic foods and even turned vegan for a month which at first gave me a great boost of energy. However, lack of animal protein and iron deficiency have made me feel lethargic. Luckily, I went to a raw food and healthy living expo in New York where I met the wonderful healer Anna, who clearly stood out from the rest of the exhibitors by having a small crowd of people around her booth all wanting to experience Anna’s divine touch. There are no words to truly describe the state of bliss I found myself in literally minutes after Anna put her hands on my head and then on my heart. I have never experienced anything like it before. A feel-good energy started circulating in my entire body enlivening every single cell. I felt very calm and full of divine power as if I’ve been touched by an angel. For the very first time in a very long time I was happy and grateful to be alive. I booked my next session the very next week and I couldn’t get enough of it. The change that I experienced was so profound that every one I knew said that they have never seen me so happy and full of life. After 10 wonderful sessions my allergies and digestive problems, the doctors said were incurable, are now a thing of the past. My back pains, headaches and fatigue are long gone after the first couple of sessions. I can see noticeable improvement in my sight and I have very little eyestrain after a long day of work which I think is normal. I am eternally grateful to God for bestowing his divine grace on people in poor health through Anna. God bless her.

-Lukas, New Jersey

 I would like to share some of my experience from receiving healing sessions with Anna Laskowska. I have had sessions with other healers in different disciplines, from Reiki, to Acupuncture and even a Native American healer, and none of them came close to what I experienced from Anna. First I would like to point out that I have experienced both in person and Remote(distance) sessions with Anna, the majority being Remote. For myself I can attest that the distance healings are as effective as an in person treatment.Anna has a great gift, an ability to channel the most Divine Loving energy. During a session I can feel an emptying of old negative karmic energy, to then receive energy from the Divine. Waves of high frequency vibrations will pass through me, to the point where my body will actually start to vibrate. My whole being becomes bathed with the most intense feelings of Bliss and Love.One of two things happen to me after a treatment, I will be left with a feeling of peace that is impenetrable, or I’ll have such unbounded energy that I feel as though I could run a marathon. This experience has changed my life!

Anna, thank you for the opportunity to experience your most pure gift!

-Daniel W., Pennsylvania

Anna’s healing sessions are very powerful. After seeing Anna for approximately 5 sessions, I felt amazing energetic sensations each time. I could feel my energy body vibrating rapidly, along with warm sensations in various parts of my body. Anna could intuit stress areas within my body accurately, and addressed each area with powerful earnest healing energy. She was very thorough and determined to bring me to a state of balance. Amazing!

-A.L., New York City

Knowing about healing abilities of Anna I decided to undergo a series of healing sessions. I went through a dozen of sessions. Each one lasted two hours. During the first treatment, when Anna was approaching me I could feel the warmth and peace surge within my body. In the beginning I was feeling pain in sick spots of my body. As soon as Anna placed her hands on those spots I could feel an immediate relief. I could feel that my body was getting healed. After the session I was very tired and I wanted to sleep. Despite the exhaustion I felt a true joy of living. During the first two treatments Anna was holding her hands over my head and my feet. I felt the energy running through my entire body. From the fifth treatment Anna was concentrating the energy only on sick spots. The energy was piercing through hurting, sick  points in my body. As Anna was relocating her hands I could feel the energy traveling along with the shifting positions of her hands. The surge of energy was making me shiver. With each treatment the number of sick organs was decreasing. The energy which Anna disposes healed my duodenum, knee, heart, hip, decreased hernia in my right groin, my varicose veins have shrunk on both calves. My headache completely disappeared forever. Thank you so much Anna. I believe that you will help many people just the way you helped me.

-Irwine.L., New York City