I mention a lot in my posts about the processes of transmutation and harmonizing. These are general terms and anyone can interpret them in whatever way they want. Words are contractual and can have many different meanings depending on a person and their experiences.

So, what is it that we are actually harmonizing and transforming here? What is the purpose of realizing our unconscious patterns and healing them? What is the end result of our awakening.

The simple answer is : connection.

I recently was talking to a friend and during our conversation it dawned on me that in good measure I used to watch movies in order to be a witness of a healthy family dynamic or to even, through the screen, observe a pretty happy human interaction. I was lovingly looking at the connections between the characters no matter what relationship they had, since positive aspects appeared more often there than in real life. On screen, either a beautiful connection and collaboration was present in the beginning, and got interrupted because of some unfortunate incident, yet always there was a definite reconnection; forgiveness or strengthening of a bond. Or if the characters disliked each other initially, later through intricate circumstances, the understanding came with reconciliation. This kind of dynamic of surviving conflicts and challenges and coming out of them more connected, I favored the most.

Before the pandemic, on occasions when I facilitated group alignments, the part when the gathering of people reached the place of universal connection, I came to a realization that it was the very same moment I had an appreciation for in films. It is the phenomenon when the ego is taken out of the way, and we can experience deeper connection, see more vividly in another and in ourselves aspects that bring us closer, honor and enjoy each other in a new, refreshed light.

I strongly believe that life is about establishing such kinds of bonds. Life is about connecting in kindness, cooperating together and supporting one another. Additionally, what is also significant is the quality of our intention before we try to connect.

Divine connection to yourself and with others is the goal here.

When the divinity is absent, there is no end to the stories when ego turns into a frenzy.

Another point that we touched upon in the same conversation with my friend regarded narcissistic patterns and behaviors. Both of us dealt with abuse and had relationships with individuals who suffered from this disorder. If I hadn’t experienced abuse on my own skin, I wouldn’t know now how harsh and challenging liberation from such enslavement really is.

If we ever want to create a healthy life, we have no other way but to confront our weaknesses or aggressive patterns. Only through healing we can rediscover our humanity so we could live together in harmony more often if not all the time.

I have dedicated years to my own healing so the moments I would create would be of quality. If not for others, then at least for me. I did it by looking constantly within, so my suffering, or the suffering of others wouldn’t reign my existence. However, now that I have reached that good place of emotional freedom, I realize that the time has come for me to share what I have gone through and learned. When I was “fighting” to discover my divine self, it seemed that no one else had the slightest idea of what I was going through. We all know suffering, yet for many reasons we want to stay away from it, because we don’t realize the power it bestows upon us.

Individually and collectively, we are engaged in the process of abandoning the victim – perpetrator relationship, this time not by walking away from it, but by mustering more power to stand up to it, to be wiser and stronger than manipulation born from suffering itself.

It is a sad reality that we have to stand in the spiritual ring with our loved ones, our family members who supposed to be so close to us, yet during the awakening they are not. What temporarily separates us are unhealed mental and emotional constructs. Despite this painful disconnection, the real hope of mending the broken bonds, lies in miracles available in healing and transformation. It does not matter how long we have suffered and who has hurt us. If you decide to engage in our own healing, life is going to make up for all those painful relationships we experienced before the awakening.