Emotions is a topic that people rarely want to discuss for multiple reasons. Because of the new energy that is coming to Earth, whether we want it or not, we are getting more acquainted with our emotional body even though this part of ours was suppressed for thousands of years. Despite a huge initial discomfort associated with feeling, investigating and diving into the field of our emotions, brings incredible benefits when done correctly.

I have heard many unpleasant opinions regarding emotional sensitivity. All of them, however, were coming from a place of fear, only because those individuals never knew how to handle their own strongly charged outbursts. I don’t blame them. After all, we are just beginning to learn how to feel and transmute painful energetic patterns roaming throughout our bodies.

Our thoughts and emotions can be considered as a medium of information which we initially deem as unnecessary because we have no idea how to decipher what our body and mind is trying to communicate. By exploring and learning this vast emotional territory for years, each day convinced me more that emotional intelligence does exist and it actually influences the entirety of our existence by projecting itself externally from within.

So far emotions have been like wild untamed horses. Only with proper training and whispering could we enjoy riding them. Otherwise, it is a dangerous endeavor.

If unattended emotions are different colors of paint; crisscrossing, and zigzagging randomly and freely as they want to on a designated surface, normally creating an undesirable chaos, then underneath the splatter, is the canvas of peace which we never get to feel because of the unresolved and unaddressed traumatic emotional patterns running the show. Being grounded in the sensation of inner peace is essential for maintaining our overall health.

Whenever I would explain it to people in the past, maybe I was not good enough at advertising the importance of achieving peace, so I hope that the situation I am describing below will give you an insight of what peace feels like when it is present in the body.

It is not easy to separate my work from my private life. Doing that would be like disconnecting an arm from the rest of my body at certain times, especially if my extra sensitivity is always alert, in full detection mode. Saying that, that doesn’t mean I go around and tell people what I feel. With time I learned to keep the energetic information to myself unless I am guided to do otherwise.

Here is an example of how spontaneously gratifying and healing peace is when one spends so much time drowning in distress.


I get to a birthday party around 1:30 in the morning. At the location, at first, the guests followed a regular celebratory routine till 3:00 am, until some folks began to leave, some went to sleep and there were a few of us left. Since alcohol lowers inhibitions, people pour their hearts out, and speak freely about their true feelings. (I don’t drink or need alcohol to express myself.) It is not my custom to stay up that late and put my extrasensory abilities to the test, however, as soon as I started producing excuses, something took over, and barely realizing it, I was tapping into my friend’s energy field who sincerely insisted on helping him.

This man was eagerly looking for upliftment and I couldn’t deny him that. Ditching excuses out, I made the exception and I found myself working at 4:00 in the morning. At that curious time, after being up for countless hours, the brain is perfectly tired and therefore the ego’s defense mechanisms are weakened, so I could quickly and effectively connect him to this delightful state of enlightenment.

During our conversation my friend approached me with frankness, and openly admitted to his fears. He told me how they ran him down to the ground every day; causing him great exhaustion, leaving little time for satisfaction and no energetic resources for any improvements.

His openness and trust gave me permission to step in and show that transformation was easily and immediately possible. I was guided as per usual to ask a few questions and within seconds we were both rapidly immersed in a state of peaceful ecstasy. Peace descended upon us, pushing his anxieties aside. His incessant and loud thoughts stopped; and from his lips I heard a new addition to my creative descriptions:” this is morphine.” Apparently, being in peace feels similar to being sedated by heavy medications – without any side effects of course. All the pains and worries of life dissolved and his “inner being felt as smooth as silk”, according to him.

That night was equally inspiring for both of us. It was another testimony and proof that transformation is possible and worth pursuing. It is incredible that human beings can have access to such a blissful state. We simply have to be willing to be consistent in our spiritual pursuits so the all producing balance could stay for good.

Without realizing it, each day we are given a free will to choose between transmitting a frequency of interference, and making additional steps towards a frequency of morphine – peace.

I hope that this story will get you curious and interested to stop for a few minutes a day and investigate not only your thoughts, but also your feelings. Whisper your wild horses.